A woman plugging a charger into an electric vehicle
A woman plugging a charger into an electric vehicle

LENZ powers your EV journey with high quality, high performance charging products and accessories so you can be round-trip ready

About Us

The LENZ Process

Low-fi designs of electric vehicle charger

From EV Owners, for EV Owners

As early EV adopters, the LENZ team knows what matters most to electric vehicle owners. From Conceptual Design to rigorous 3D Printed Prototyping, our design team makes sure that LENZ products take the stress out of EV charging.


Charging into the Future

We're on a mission to accelerate EVs' adoption by providing exceptional quality charging solutions at affordable prices.

Drawing of Emil Lenz

Our Namesake

LENZ derives its name from renowned German physicist, Emil Lenz. Lenz’ Law of Electromagnetic Induction is a fundamental principle behind electric-powered motors. Electric vehicles would not exist today if not for Lenz.

Why Lenz's Law Matters Now

Electric vehicle adoption has risen sharply in the last few years, given recent improvements in battery technology, variety, and affordability. Continued government incentives make EVs an attractive option for everyone— not to mention their environmental benefits. "Lenz's Law" is integral to today’s EV revolution because rechargeable energy drives electric motors.

A lady opening the trunk of an electric vehicle, next to a child holding a basketball and smiling

We'll Get You There and Back Safely

After spending time, energy and money on an EV purchase, you want to be sure you are using a charger you can trust— one that is safe, simple, reliable, and of real value.

Having confidence that your charging solution will get you from Point A to Point B and back is critical. Providing you a worry-free journey is what drives us.

That's why we make the highest quality, most reliable charging tools on the market.

A Trusted Charging Solution

All LENZ charging solutions are safety-certified for use with your EV, ensuring a reliable and stress-free experience every time. Our corporate owned manufacturing facility, on-site safety certifications, and US-based customer service makes us the team that you can turn to for your charging needs.

Person charging an electric vehicle

The Future of EVs Has Arrived

With less dependence on fossil fuel consumption, EVs show us the path towards a brighter, cleaner future. LENZ is here to support your electric journey with the highest quality solutions. Charge cleaner, charge safer, charge into the future.