LENZ designs and manufactures safety tested & certified electric vehicle products backed a small team obsessed with service...and industry leading warranty and assurance

Simple | Safe | Dependable

Electric Vehicle Products is ALL We Do

For EV Owners, From EV Owners

As early EV adopters, the LENZ team knows what matters most to electric vehicle owners. From Conceptual Design, rigorous 3D Printed Prototyping, to daily use testing, our team is obsessed with ease-of-use, dependability, and customer service.


Excellence in EV Charging Experience

Believing fervently in our mission, LENZ embodies the essence of quality including our meticulous design process and our rigorous safety standards.

Inspired by visionary physicist

Safety, Convenience & Quality

At LENZ, we are committed to propelling the Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution forward, one charge at a time as inspired by the visionary physicist Emil Lenz. The landscape of mobility shifts towards a more sustainable future, and LENZ stands at the forefront to offer innovative charging solutions that integrate safety, convenience, and unparalleled quality. The surge in EV popularity, bolstered by governmental support, affordability, and diversity, heralds a future where electric mobility is within reach of everyone. Addressing the pivotal challenges of safety and charging convenience, LENZ is dedicated to delivering top-tier, safety-certified charging products and accessories designed to meet and exceed the expectations of today’s EV owners.

Questions? We're Easy to Reach.

Our US-based customer support team exemplifies our customer-first philosophy. Ready to assist with any inquiries or to resolve any challenges, our team is accessible via phone, email, or social media, ensuring your complete satisfaction with every LENZ experience.

A lady opening the trunk of an electric vehicle, next to a child holding a basketball and smiling

We'll Get You There and Back Safely

Each product undergoes extensive testing throughout its lifecycle, embodying our commitment to consistent quality and safety. Our iterative design and manufacturing approach ensures that LENZ products evolve continuously.

Whether its our industry leading J1772 to Tesla adapter, top-rated CCS1 adapter, or our easy to use Level 2 Home Charger, we know safety and dependability are top priority for you and your family. Providing you a worry-free journey is what drives us.